PostHeaderIcon Russian Battleship Neptunus

Russian Battleship Neptunus

Russian Battleship Neptunus. 1714.

Scale 1:100. Dimensions: Length 650 mm, Height 690 mm, Width 300 mm.

Very nice, decorated model. Excellent gift.

Battleship Neptunus was one of the ships Russian Emperor Peter The 1st bought from England. The Emperor loved the ship, moreover it was well-suited to sail in the enclosed Baltic Sea.

Neptunus was typical English double-decked battleship, modern and well-armed. The ship had many gilded parts as well as carved wreaths on the gun ports in the upper deck and beautiful thread on the transom.

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Russian Battleship Neptunus

Russian Battleship Neptunus

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  • Auth:

    Excellent! I saw and went aboard the USS North Carolina 6 years ago befroe going South toward Myrtle Beach, SC. She surely is a heck of a ship and thank God the USA built her!!!!

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